Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Quotations That Make My Eyes Cross

Via The Roundup, the Sac Bee reports that the 3d DCA has stayed the trial court's Prop. 77 toss pending the appeal. This allows the Secretary of State to include the measure in the public review period that starts today and ends Aug. 15 - a requirement enabling legal challenges of text, ballot arguments, fiscal analyses, etc.

Here's the quotation that frosts:

"We hope this is the first step toward restoring the rights of the 951,000 people who signed petitions to put Proposition 77 on the ballot," said Dan Kolkey, an attorney for the proponents.
Look, maybe had the proponents been a teensy bit more careful, you could've avoided this little problem. However, either way, don't whine to me about the "rights" of less than 1/36th of the state population. What about my rights as an affirmative non-signer? What about the Californians' right to settled, enforced laws based on public policy designed to protect them from shady initiatives? Again - no proof of a bait'n'switch (and I'm tired of hearing Nancy Pelosi and others whine about that too) - but just because it didn't happen here doesn't mean we toss the policy out with the bathwater so Ted "But I Have Lots Of Money" Costa can get his project cleared.

Second runner up for today's Dumb Redistricting Measure Soundbite, however, goes to Schwarzenegger spokesman Margita "Check Out Arnold's New Clothes" Thompson, who characterized opposition attorney Lance Olson's comments that Costa and the Guv made this bed in May and have been lazing in it to their own detriment since, as "grasping at straws."

Lady, you guys are probably going to lose this one and Lance is grasping at straws?

And: "What is it that they are afraid of?" [Thompson] asked. "Why are they afraid of having this initiative reach the voters?"

Sigh. I'll tell you what I'm afraid of: that Arnold "I'm Going To Blow Up Boxes" Schwarzenegger approves this kind of tired political rhetoric.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, you blew it guys. Now use the time you have left in Sacramento to sac it up and wrangle some kind of legislative deal.

Psst - Nunez, Perata, you could be heroes if you had the vision and the ability to sacrifice for the greater good. Just a thought.

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