Friday, July 01, 2005


Posed to a commenter to this post, but worth reiteration:

Whom do judges represent?

Or, if you prefer:

What do judges represent?

These are the questions that kept me in my apartment for about 9 months. Cookie for anyone who gets the right answer. The right answer, of course, is completely unattainable. But for cookie purposes, we'll settle with my answer being the right answer.


Anonymous said...

Did you mean that judges aren't supposed to be representative at all? They are intended to have an adjudicatory, "referee" power. Because of that role, they do not represent the people generally, or a group of people in particular, as do the Executive and Legislative branches, respectively.

Not sure if that's really cookie-worthy...

cd said...

That's pretty close, Jared.

Of course, the really nagging question is always going to be "what do you mean by represent?" and "how does one represent?"

If they "represent" anything at all, it should be the law. No defendant should get a better or worse deal depending on who's court they stand in.