Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Pop-Culture Pause From The Political

Recently, I was pointing out the best bit of one of my favorite songs, demanding silence in the car so that all might partake of its glory, and I learned that others have, in fact, noted the Best Part phenomenon. It's not just songs that can be great, it can be one part of a song that so kicks it you'll listen to the rest of a so-so song anyway. There's this list, which seems a bit dated (or just a bit too other-cultural to have captured my top bits). So, this being the 'sphere and all, I thought I'd just starte this little meme a rockin' in the free world and see what others would name in, let's say, their top 3 best song bits, from which we can build a bigger list.

Here are mine:
  1. #41 - Dave Matthews Band: The way that man belts the word "here" makes me want to find him and propse marriage immediately.
  2. Don't Walk Away - Electric Light Orchestra: Have you heard this song? I bet you haven't. It's from the Xanadu soundtrack and it's possibly one of my all-time favorite songs period even without the Best Bit Ever. At one point, between the lines "where will I go" and "where will I be," the crooner "oooos" his way into my heart forever. Note, this is the second "oooo" coming after the still great, but not the greatest first "oooo."
  3. Wonderwall - Oasis: At the end of the first verse, right before "backbeat," the full orchestral backing of the song kicks in a sublime rising that makes you just want to pump your fist in the air and squint your eyes in white-man's-overbite heaven.

I'm going to tag the following bloggers right off the bat: Amber, NeoTokyo, FickLtd, Libertarian Jackass (if he's still reading here these days) and Athene.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to contribute:
U2- Where the Streets Have No Name - musical intro
The Postal Service - Such Great Heights - In the first verse, "I'm thinking it's a sign/ that the freckles in our eyes/ are mirror images and/ when we kiss they're perfectly aligned."
Fiery Furnaces - Single Again - In the chorus "When I was single/ my pockets did jingle/ I wish I was single again." (Yes, this is a really random song, but it's worth the effort to seek out).

Heather said...

Pho - I'm behind the times w/the blog. It's the last two weeks of summer session, lots of papers to grade, exams to prepare... assuming true role as Dementor Teacher... roars with evil laughter...

So, will have to get back to this tag later... BUT, the opening to U2's, "One" (and the middle, and the end) and Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes," (inst sections) and, and, and.... ooh, so many... always, always cause me pause.

Did I mention the Dixie Chicks, "Sin Wagon," (throw my red dress on...) or I Never Loved a Man" (all of it) by Aretha Franklin?

This has to stop... must do work!