Thursday, July 21, 2005

An Opportunity?

Here's a thought, what if this Prop. 77 "set-back" is an opportunity for a better reform proposal - one without the dreaded mid-decade redraw provision.

Though the expense of qualifying another proposition is high - it's probably no higher than litigating the issue all the way up the courts. Plus, it'd be an easy PR sell for Costa, et al, as they whip out their violins to play Beethoven's 192d, "Requiem for Thwarted Direct Democracy."

So Phoblog urges all sides to take a big-picture view of this and perhaps save this reform from yet another ugly death.

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Anonymous said...

So now Costa's out, and as you note perhaps a bipartisan effort can come forward -- but where is Phoblographer's promised Primer part 3?

cd said...

Yeah, yeah . . . it's coming, I know . . .