Friday, July 01, 2005

An Open Letter To Steven Aronowitz and The Westly 2006 Blog

Hey man,

That's my content.

You say you can't figure out how to make it link. I'm not sure how that's possible since my post's internal links are still there. Now that I look, it seems many of your posts are devoid of links. That's okay. You're probably just new at this - and we all had to learn. It can be tricky, I know.

[Ed.'s update: No, actually, you've linked before, I see them now.]

Here's the deal though: even if you couldn't figure out how to link (my guess is if you look carefully at whatever platform you use to blog, there will be a toolbar icon that looks like a globe with a little link on it - the link sorta looks like an infinity sign - or just a link icon - click on it and see what happens. Insert site address accordingly) - you still could've given me credit.

Like when you said "Check out this review of the Westly blog" you could've easily said "check out this review of the Westly blog by Phoblographer*" or "by Christiana Dominguez" or "by Phoblographer's Christiana Dominguez" or even - if you prefer a more passive construction - "by Christiana Dominguez of Phoblographer*." I wouldn't even be mad if you forgot the asterisk. Most people leave it off - and that's okay.

But you found the post and you used the content with zero attribution. That is unacceptable and breaks the unwritten blogger code by which we all live.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue.

Yours truly,
Christiana Dominguez


cd said...

I've used both their on-line contact form (didn't see an email, didn't really feel like wasting time looking for it) and their comments feature to send them the link to this post.

We'll see what happens.

Heather said...

Hmmm... comment doesn't appear to be working... trying again... sorry if this appears twice...

I commented on his blog as well and scolded him appropriately. Also sent a sample of the proper html tags for linking, and told him how to do it in compose and html. Not to mention the whole "right click" over the link to get the address, and about permalinks in the archives...

Who'da thought I'd be teaching a former eBay exec how to write html code, or about netiquette, for that matter?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that. I wasn't clear in the post. I understand how to link (you can see the other links in my posts) but the problem was I got the review in an email and the site it referenced ( had the content but wasn't the original author.

Thanks for taking it easy on a new blogger. Although Steve was a high-tech exec I'm just a Law Student/Political Director trying to give people an inside view of the campaign. We will start having Steve post more frequently but are still getting our web content up and running.

Thanks again for the tips and please keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

It's alright. It happens. But thanks for correcting it. You can leave all the content up you want, so long as it's attributed.

You're a law student, eh? Bummer. ;)

kee_weee said...

And you claim to be a political director? I'd say stick to your day (or night) job. I've seen your blogs...surely Mr. Westly can afford to hire a full time campaign staffer to stick to blog-worthy stuff.