Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More Blog Than Blawg

I've received email from many of you asking why no Roberts commentary yet.

Well, this has always been less of a blawg than a blog and I don't know enough about Roberts to add anything to the discussion. I have sources, however, and once I shake them down, if anything good comes out, you know you're the first ones I'll tell.

From what I heard on NPR this morning, he's not all bad, aside from getting hammered by NARAL already for briefs written when he was with the solicitor's office on why Roe should get the boot. I've heard several liberal commentators urge caution in going after this guy who, by most accounts, is a decent, well-regarded fellow.

So that's all I got for now . . . . The Comments section is always there for your two-cents, too . . . .

(P.S. I didn't have time last night to read up on Roberts because I was here.)

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