Friday, July 01, 2005

Celebrate Independence Day By Supporting Democracy

A quick update and reminder:

Two blue stags are running for office. And they can both accept donations from out-of-staters, so crack open those checkbooks!

In Missouri - Jake Zimmerman '96 is running for the St. Louis County Council. Maximum contribution is $600.

Citizens for Jake Zimmerman
Molly McCoy
421 Jackson Avenue
University City, MO 63130
In Iowa - Tyler Olson '98 is running for the Iowa State House of Representatives. There are no campaing contribution limits in Iowa.

Committee to Elect Tyler Olson
395 Memorial Drive SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
Support them because they're CMC alumni, support them because they're Democrats, support them because they're both really stand-up guys. Support them because they're both button-level cute. Support them because you like this site and I never ask for money for me. Support them because good candidates are hard to find. Support democracy - support Jake and Ty!


Josh said...

Was Ty the RA for Green? If so, he would be a great candidate. If you can balance the opposing pressures of Torre and Agg, you get my vote.

cd said...

Oh yes he was (as you may or may not recall, I was a Green frosh as well).

And of course, as we all remember, I also lived there sophomore year when I was the RBI leader on the Green intramural softball team.

Still never got a damn long-sleeved champion shirt. Stealing North Apts Punks!

But you're right - anyone with the capacity to handle Ag can handle a state legislature. And the world!