Friday, July 08, 2005

Actually It's Not Their Meeting

A town council in Washington State banned the words "Wal-Mart," "big-box stores" and "moratorium" from being uttered at council meetings. Don't worry, the ACLU is on it already, natch. But check out the city attorney's comments:

The ban began because council members were fed up with complaints about the proposed superstore and related demands for a moratorium on big-box stores, municipal attorney Brent Dille said. He said officials also didn't want to appear biased if the council ever hears appeals in the matter.

"It's the council's meeting. They can decide what they want to hear and what they're tired of hearing," Dille said. "You can understand if you're barraged for two months at meetings — the same people saying the same thing."
I'm no expert in Washington State Law, but my gut tells me that though the council would have vast parliamentary-based discretion over whom to recognize at meetings, blanket prohibitions of entire subject areas might be, shall we say, overreaching. And it's the council holding the meeting, sure, but I'd also bet it's more of the town's meeting, right? Serving at the pleasure of the voters and all . . . .

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Josh said...

Nothing has ever came out of Yelm worth more than 99 cents, so the fact that Walmart wants to move in there seems a bit odd to me.