Thursday, June 30, 2005


CYD President Crystal Strait puts in an Oscar winning performance in today's Morning Report, taking on the Governor's goofy press release condemning the MPAA for failing to recognize stunt coordinators:

[T]he Governor just sent out a press release saying he is really mad that the Oscars didn't create a new category for Stunt Coordinators. Hmm ... I wish he would be upset over refusing to work with Democrats to create a budget or maybe with his sliding numbers in the field poll (37%??) But don't worry Gov., the CA Young Democrats have thought of some awards that you might win: Best Power Grab through an Initiative, Best Education Cutter, Best Adaptation of a Screenplay to Reality (for role of "People's Governor"), Best Misdirector (for "Horseshoe Staff Management"), Best Set Design at Taxpayer Expense (for work in "San Jose Pothole"), Best Song & Dance (for "The Teachers are Lying"), Best Makeup (for "My Polls Suck, Let's Work Together"), Best Foreign Language (for "Cahlee-fo-nee-yah").
Go get 'em, Tiger.

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