Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Word Of The Day: Disinclination

A lack of inclination; a mild aversion or reluctance.

An antonym of "inclination." In fact, one could say it's a good one-word replacement for "diminished inclination" - as in - "sharp diminishment in voter inclination to re-elect Schwarzenegger."


Okay, so it's way, way too soon for this to be bankable information for the Dems - but I guarantee you the Angelides fundraisers are going into overdrive right now to capitalize on the latest Field Poll's finding that the State Treasurer currently leads in a head-to-head against the Guv.

Here's one better: So does . . . Steve Westly? Okay. Cool.

No Westly blog reax yet. However you can vote on the Westly logo if you'd like. (1 = boring, 2 = boring but with cursor!, 3 = funnier, especially, if they add ",young man" at the end, 4 = boring, but with stars).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the Westly campaign logo vote is rigged. This coming from the "largest grassroots campaign in California history." Notice how they didn't post the tabulations of the previous vote, or running tabulations of this vote.