Monday, June 13, 2005

Well, If You're That Cash Strapped . . . .

I may or may not have mentioned during the campaign that whenever I received an 8x10 glossy of John and John, or other lengthy, involved mailer, my first urge was to call and yell at the DNC or whomever for wasting resources. Some of the mailers were thank-yous for earlier contributions. You're welcome - but I really never gave much more than $25 at a time (well, aside from that quitting law school thing), so really, don't use that $25 to try to get another $25 from me or others in my donation range.

So imagine my reaction at seeing this show up in the mailbox:

Seriously? NARAL, look, I know you have important work to do and it's important to raise money to do that work, but did ou really need to send a pin AND a pen in an expensive package? Did someone misunderstand? "Oh, you wanted me to order pens. I ordered pins. Well, I'll have to order the pens too now and we can just send them both out togeters." If you're raising money for a cause, don't kick it back to me in this bullshit way. Kick it back in the protecting-my-rights way.

I guess some who donate money expect a thank you - but in the same spirt as the do not call list, I'd like to ask political causes to have a "do not send more junk mail" list for those of us who are happy to give to them but need none of this in return (and in fact feel less inclined to give because of it.)


J Lehr said...

The funiest thing is that the more involved you get in politics the more crap they send you to persuade you to vote dem. I'm already on your side.. stop trying to convert the converted.

J Lehr said...

Why doesnt NORML do something like this?