Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Wait, This Race Wasn't Over Yet?

Apparently not. But in case anyone was still curious, the Washington State gubernatorial race is finally in the can as a Judge upheld the election of Democrat Christine Gregoire after rejecting Republican claims of improprieties.

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Josh said...

Hell yea, some of us still care. And I don't really think this is over yet. They are talking another appeal. Interesting that the GOP isn't backing this more and making it more of an issue. I actually feel kinda bad for Rossi here. If it was any other election year, the GOP would be all over this one, helping him out. But the fact that the GOP called everyone else "sore losers", payback truns out to be a bi-atch.

Washington, oh Washington, you come close but always find a way to choke. One of these days we'll make it together.