Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Toothpick In Butterball Land*

Maria Shriver visited a fat camp today, according to this local newscast I'm watching. She's carrying the fitness torch her hubby used first to make his mark in politics under Bush I.

But really, were I a pudgey kid (um, I think I kinda still am), and Maria "0% body fat" Shriver came to tell me to step it up, I think I'd, I dunno, barbecue her and serve her with mayo. The full-fat kind.

Really though, even if it's genetic, hormonal, thyroidal, whatever, she doesn't look healthy either. I think there's probably a thousand other jokes on this, but it's late . . . .

*I can say "butterball" because I used to be one. Any reader about to make a "used to be" based joke will get a toothpick in the eye.

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