Thursday, June 23, 2005

Stag Taking an Elephant Leap - Again

Via The Roundup, seems that former Republican insurance commissioner nominee - and always Stag, Class of '77 - Gary Mendoza is running again. The snark seekers in the capitol basement highlight Mendoza's recent implication that he'll throw-down with Silicon Valley, big-bucked Steve Poizner. If Poizner beats him in the runoff, Mendoza says he won't back him against the Demo candidate.


Also from the Stag Files: further proof that Jack Pitney is the expert to whom one should turn for every, single possible political article - he's quoted in this article about Demo Assemblyman Tom Umberg beating his former mistress to the punch as he publicizes his extramarital affair to preempt the Other Woman's threats of going public herself.

And, just because . . . .

And, were that it could be history repeated - a thoughtful look at thoughtful reforms proposed during California's last fiscal crisis - and their quiet, predictable deaths. Seems, dare I say, some Pete Wilson people had some pretty good ideas on revising the Constitution in the mid-90s. But the swelling dotcom bubble burst all hope of reform. No one, it seems, has bothered to pick up the old proposals. Maybe because there's barely anyone around now who was around then. Which may be why the '96 revision commissions suggestion to lengthen term limits is a pretty good idea.

And, lastly, in case you forgot that there's still a war on and we're still running short on people willing to fight it - the Times reports the military is enlisting marketer to get data on students for recruiters. Parents - time to start checking those privacy policies.

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