Wednesday, June 15, 2005

San Diego Politics

In honor of the upcoming California Young Democrats E-Board meeting in sunny San Diego (it better be sunny), here's a link to San Diegan Patrick Finucane's San Diego Politics site. It's an impressive local resource with many useful links and a clean, user-friendly layout.

For YDers attending the meeting, and others interested in the SD scene, see also:

Any readers know other good San Diego/San Diego politics oriented sites?


Anonymous said...

When is the conference? The Rose Institute is sponsoring a lunch discussion of redistricting reform on June 25th in San Diego -- part of Common Cause's all-day conference on reform. If that's when the conference is being held, I can send more details.

- Doug

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the online-only San Diego newspaper:

It's a great alternative to the U-T, and one of the founders is CMC Life Trustee (and big Rose supporter) Buzz Woolley.

Anonymous said...

would it kill you guys to remember to send notices on this stuff to people like, oh, i don't know, me?!?!

if your lunch happens between 12:30 and 1:00, sadly, I'll be chairing my own meeting on revising the bylaws of the California Young Democrats (oooh, ahhh, rules!!!).