Thursday, June 02, 2005

Random Link Of The Day

I found this site, PostSecret, and the above postcard, via an NYT article a few days ago. The article itself wasn't altogether blog-worthy, but this site is interesting. The angle: confess your sins via on postcard sent to the site where it will be presented along with any accompanying artwork - if selected by the site's creator who lives in Germantown, Maryland.

It's an interesting concept - and the artwork is, by turns, inspiring, tragic (if only quietly so), hopeful, disconcerting, witty, concise, truthful, and odd nods to any number of things that might be on your mind.

But I wonder: there are identifiable tones and themes - which makes sense if site readers are prodded into confessing by the confessions of others. But there's a certain Griffin & Sabine quality to the project, making me wonder how much is really true . . . .

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