Thursday, June 30, 2005

An Open Letter To Attorney General Bill Lockyer

Dear Attorney General Lockyer,

Thank you very much for your letter dated May 31, 2005 and for your interest in my endorsement and support.

Unfortunately, at this time, I am unable to offer either.

In fact, unless you're the nominee, I won't be voting for you. Furthernore, you really shouldn't be running for State Treasurer. There are others who haven't yet had the chance to serve statewide who were well suited for the job. Sadly, they have no been chased away.

Despite your italicized, "PS" listed endorsements from impressive Congressional and State officials, I just can't back you this time. Even leaving aside your impolitic comments after the 2003 recall election, your jockying, swapping, and general indecision over which office you'd pursue (a sin committed by most of our up-ticket candidates, true) make me doubt your committment to the Office of State Treasurer.

Thank you again for your service.

Yours truly,


Anonymous said...

You would think Bill Lockyer's long record of community service to the citizens of California would overcome any qualms that are raised by his very human political manuevering. Bill Lockyer is one of the few politicians who has stood up consistently to the special interests (Remember Microsoft and the tobacco lawsuits) With so many corporations looking for sweetheart deals on things like bond sales, California does not have time to train a rookie in the Treasurers job. Bill Lockyer deserves EVERYONE'S vote!

Anonymous said...

Gee, for whom do you think "anonymous" works? Can you say 'lacking in subtlety'?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else find any irony in anonymous' plea for democratic loyalty to Lockyer? Karma is a b&*%$!!!

I'm with Phoblog on this one.

cd said...

You would think that, anon, I don't. Though if you do, as Doug suspects, work for Mr. Lockyer, I won't fault you for sticking up for your boss.

There are two kinds of elected officials: those who do great things and are given credit, and those who do great things and take credit. More specifically, there are those who do great things and get credit and those who try to do great things and take credit.

Bill Lockyer is an "I" guy. You know them - the ones who somehow managed to ever-so-subtley emphasize "I" in their statements. What they lack for in humility they make up for in volume.

For the past year or so, most of the suits Lockyer has filed - most of the times he has said he was investigating whether to initiate proceedings against someone or something, the subject matter has been so blantantly self-serving that it hardly merits pointing it out. That's because he was running for governor.

Until he saw the writing on the wall/got a clue/smelled the coffee/etc.

Very human political maneuvering? How so? Was Cruz really going to be a threat in '06? Was that the horse he wanted to cripple? Did he want to buddy up to AS? I cannot come up with a good reason for saying what he did other than either honesty or stupidity. If it was honest - bravo - but I'm free to go ahead and continue to not support you. If it was stupidity, I'd even let that go - but I already didn't like you and that didn't help.

Bill Lockyer "deserves" nothing in particular from me and few officials are really high performing enough to deserve anyone's - let alone everyone's - vote.

I'm not even going to get into his frequent "1st Amendment knows no better friend than I/pass my hate crimes legislation" problems either.

If Lockyer had stayed in the gubernatorial race I still wouldn't have supported him, but I might've respected him a bit more for pursuing an office which he wanted.

His running for State Treasurer is obviously just a raging case of "term limits are kicking me out of statewide office, nooooo!" And that's bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I think you went easy on him, Phoblog...but then again, I'm pretty excited about the CMCers running for office!

Anonymous said...

If you really think Bill Lockyer thought suing Microsoft was good politics, you must think he is dumber than a log. Most people don't understand antitrust law and Microsoft is very popular with average Californians. Add in his lawsuits on issues like corporate governance and the man is a hero. As far as being a so called "I" person, he clearly could have made a lot more money working as a lobbyist. Bill Lockyer is a dedicated public servant.