Friday, June 03, 2005

Okay Boys, Let's Keep It Clean

From our Crazed Bloggers Files:

LA Observed's Kevin Roderick and Martini Republic's Joseph Mailander have quite a, shall we say, shouting match going on. The source of (this round's) conflict: Roderick's link to a Daily Breeze article critical of a professor's moonlight lobbying work. Did we professor, what we meant was Latino professor, at least that's the argument Mailander makes as he blasts Roderick as a racist.

Roderick, angrier than I ever knew he could get (not that I know him personally), posts some bitingly defensive comments on Martini Republic and chaos ensues. At one point, Roderick counters Mailander's charges of racism with his own charges of anti-Semitism for comments Mailander made on Observed with regards to various Jewish-community-related articles.

It's quite an exchange.

Mailander (who has posted comments here before) does seem to have a short fuse when it comes to things that could contain even the slightest hint of anti-Latino spin, frequently criticizing things that in which I found nothing untoward - but that's his prerogative, I suppose (though I'll always think it's bad for ethnic relations in our fair city and probably bad for blogging generally). Then again, Roderick's examples of Mailander's possible anti-Semitism are about as weak as Mailander's examples of Roderick's anti-Latino-uh-ism.

All of these issues are hair-triggered. I'm generally of the school of thought which allows for the identification of a subject's ethnic, religious, etc, identity without immediately labeling the label a racial slur.

Roderick's not a racist and Mailander shouldn't have implied as much. Mailander is probably not anti-Semitic and Roderick probably shouldn't have implied as much. Mailander is, however, a little less clean in this exchange because he leaves out his Jump to Conclusions mat a bit too frequently. I intensely dislike the implication that Los Angeles is this writhing bed of racial animus and segregation. And if it is, it is certainly not the only, nor the most, segregated area of California - or the country.

It's an amusing exchange with no word-mincing, if you're interested in some behind-the-blog action - just follow the links.

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