Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Nothing Sadder Than A Blog Abandoned

Remember all that "oooh, who's that mystery advertiser on Rough & Tumble? And - oooh! - look it's John Campbell! Well, oooh, you shoulda looked faster because his CAConfidential is no more. In possibly the lamest explanation of quitting I've ever read, Campbell, or "Campbell," writes:

On June 11th, California Confidential was put to rest due to an unforeseen turn of events. Its purpose to uncover and report the inner workings of the State Capitol must now fall to others who have shown a willingness and desire to reveal the truth to the public. Sadly, we say goodbye. California Confidential is survived by Hugh Hewitt, Dan Weintraub, Eric Hogue and the Radio Blogger, among others.
For those of you keeping track (what? no one, okay, even so), the blog premiered on June 7th. Yeah, June 7th - and he thinks we miss it already? Waste of a good webdesign, that's for sure. Here's a tip, though, to would-be bloggers: short of death or the natural tolling of time, there's never a good reason to abandon your project - especially one you've spent so long hyping. Poor guy never even got any comments (or at least never approved any).

To the voters of Orange County I say: John Campbell abandoned his blog . . . how long until he abandons you?

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Anonymous said...

This is a common trait of California Republicans:

All Hype. No Endurance.

(e.g. the Governator)

This is serious business kids, and in the words of the immortal Coolio, "If you can't take the heat, get your ass out da kitchen. We on a mission."