Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The New Irish

A post on L.A. Observed tells of a new visiting fellow slot on the LAT editorial board. The first up is the New America Foundation's Gregory Rodriguez - a brilliant Angeleno writer and political commentator.

Which reminds me that I meant to post his latest Newsweek article on how and why Mexican-Americans are the new Irish, politically speaking - framing his discussion with Villaraigosa's recent election:

Villaraigosa's political ascent is a metaphor for the maturation of Mexican-American politics—a process that is more evolutionary than revolutionary, and, at bottom, a classic American story of ethnic integration into the mainstream.
While the question of Mexican-American assimilation is certainly contentious (within and without the Mexican-American community), Rodriguez is the one writer with whom I most frequently agree. His take here is educated, reasoned, and most importantly, couched in history - a rare treat compared to much of today's race and ethnic commentary.

I'm glad an Angeleno gets the first crack at this new fellowship position with the Times - throughout the mayoral contest, there was a bit too much East Coast spin and reaction in the paper.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to talk about the soon to be LA Union Secretary and the chance at your bosses come back?

Anonymous said...

scroll, crystal, scroll . . .


it was the first thing i posted today.

comeback implies he left. he may not have been speaker, but my boss is always big player. ;)