Friday, June 17, 2005

I Want My Two Dollars!

Athene relays a story from Stateline about a teenager trying to complete his late grandmother's collection of state capitol postcards. Seems the kid sent handwritten letters to the governors in each of the missing 19 states asking for the postcards and including a dollar and a stamp.

While only 12 responded initially - all 7 of the responsive Democrats returned the kid's dollar (and most the stamp, too) but 4 of the 5 Republicans kept the buck and the stamp.

And WE'RE the party taking unneeded money from citizens? Sheesh.

Hats off to Athene's Barbour, too, for thinking FPPC-ically when she hopes the postcards and stamps were covered by the D-Governors' campaign accounts and not state funds. Way to stay diligent!


The_Question said...

Very amusing. The most dangerous place in the world is between a Republican and a dollar bill.

Anonymous said...

If you write a letter to a Governor or another elected official, you can generally expect that you'll get a letter from their consituent affairs staff which you could reasonably assume would be on taxpayer funded letterhead with postage paid for by the taxpayers.

Is it all that unreasonable for a Governor to respond at taxpayer expense to such a request? What's so different about sending a letter which might include a report or other have taken staff-time to write or research, etc. rather than sending a postcard?

I realize something could be said for the fact that the grandson was likely NOT a constituent of any of the Governors, and certainly wasn't a constituent of ALL of the Governors, but seriously.

cd said...

My readers are nerds - NERDS!

I love it.