Thursday, June 16, 2005

Headlines, Headaches, Headspins

Yes, as of last night at midnight, California once again failed to meet its constitutionally mandated June 15 budget deadline. No worries yet though - we haven't hit the no-staffer-pay deadline yet, which is when Phoblog's friends and sources really start feeling the Sacramento heat.

Since the story never really changes from year to year, it's all about the spin. Via The Roundup, what's in a name [of an article] really can make a difference:

Republicans could not have been happy with the Associated Press headline on the budget story: "Democratic budget nearly mirrors governor's plan, still no Republican support." Of course, some papers put this headline on the exact same story: "Calif. lawmakers fail to pass budget again." We're guessing that one's more to the governor's liking.
Non-wire stories's substance backs up the former headline as well:

Contra Costa Times/Mercury News reporter Kate Folmar writes: "Republicans blocked passage Wednesday of a $116.6 billion budget that is strikingly similar to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's spending plan, thus thwarting an effort to pass an on-time budget for the first time since 1986."
Wouldn't it be nice if that image had legs? Instead I'm betting most Californians will be left with a picture of drunk, smoking legislators with their feet up, blithely authoring tax bills and cutting checks to Richie Ross. In reality, Dean Florez was right (there's a sign of the coming apocolypse) when he took Schwarzenegger to task for hanging out in Bakersfield pitching his representative-government-ruining special election instead of sticking around the Capitol to, you know, like, do his job and stuff.

Meanwhile - also via our boys in the capitol basement - the L.A. Daily News reports on machine-like GOP GOTV efforts taking shape across the state as the party hires professionals to staff major counties. Had hired, actually. Had hired them for Schwarzenegger's '06 campaign (oh wait, we don't know if he's actually running do we? yeah yeah, whatever) - but will just repurpose them for this election instead. Their plan isn't novel: GOTV strategies are GOTV strategies - it just depends on who's executing them and how willing people are to bite. Strong air cover will help: with Schwarzenegger on TV every 60 seconds or so, that GOPer knocking on your door won't seem so odd.


The_Question said...

"Strikingly similar" is probably an exaggeration. In any event, there will probably be a budget compromise soon, once all sides have had a chance to digest the latest budget proposal.

As for whether the Gov should have been in Sacramento, what was the point? Until the surprise capitulation, there was no indication that a budget deal was going to happen anytime soon. Anyway, getting these propositions to pass is far more important than anything else going on in state government.

The_Question said...

Like my new photo, BTW?

Anonymous said...

no because you aren't acting like one. or maybe you are, but you know, in the classical sense when it comes to this special election issue.


you know i got nuthin' but luv for ya. . . .

Anonymous said...

I actually think the GOP is behind where we should be on GOTV for the special election. Compared to where we were in '04, may be months behind. We were ahead of the game for '06, but now we need to be ready for November, and there's an awful lot to do between now and election day.

I imagine the same is true for Democrats, but I'll leave that to people with donkey pictures.

Anonymous said...

The guy with the donkey picture probably wants to be out there helping the damn GOP GOTV efforts!

And I'm not surprised they're a bit hesitant since there's no saying deals won't be cut and we'll just quietly encourage folks to vote no/not vote at all.

Who knows.

But this is why the whole flippin' thing is a bad idea.

The_Question said...

This whole thing has morphed into a partisan controversy, which is really unfortunate. It didn't have to be - the measures proposed are reasonable and should have been in place long ago - but I guess nothing important happens without a fight.