Thursday, June 30, 2005

Feeling My Writerly Roots

The Blog Formerly Known As Class Maledictorian posts on writing workshops, causing me to comment there about the Kenyon Young Wrtiers' Workshop in which I participated nearly (egads) ten years ago. Yes, dear readers, these mad skillz were honed on a firefly accented hill in the middle of Ohio.

To my immediate delight and chagrin, I noticed the brilliant folks at the Kenyon Review have started a Writers Workshop in Italy. In Italy!?!? Damn, I. Am. So. Jealous.

Gambier, Ohio is possible the world's most perfect place for writing. I'm willing to bet, however, that Vitorchiano is a damn close second. The workshop was June 5-12, so clearly, I missed it. But if anyone wants to give Phoblog a $2,500 gift next year, I know what you can get me . . . .

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Anonymous said...

Hello. The second edition of the KR workshop in Italy will be held from June 4-11th 2006, and it is only 1 of four workshops scheduled for this year in Vitorchiano, a charming medieval village 90 minutes from Rome, all of which are hosted by
Centro Pokkoli
a creative writing center in Vitorchiano. Some workshops, organized by prestigious institutions like the KR, are more expensive. But others, organized by individual writers cost about half the KR costs. One workshop, conducted by Cecilia Woloch, associated with WICE in Paris, just concluded today. Another is scheduled in September with Linda Lappin, a novelist recently published in the Kenyon Review, and author of The Etruscan. The cost is 1000 euros including private room, full board, excursions to Etruscan places, and workshop fees.
See sites Linda Lappin or The Etruscan for more information