Thursday, June 02, 2005

Don't Take The 'Net, You'll Kill Yourself!

Those savvy investigators at our favorite writing-the-snark-I-can't-blog-myself-right-now site, The Roundup turned their eagle eye to a curious ad that's popped up lately over at Rough & Tumble:

What is CA Confidential? asks the ad, with the provocative promise that we'll all find out on June 7.

Well, we at The Roundup just couldn't wait that long, so we did some snooping on our own. First, we checked out the web site, which promised only to tell us the goings on of the "smoky back room" (forgetting for a moment that smoking indoors is illegal in our fair state). There was a solicitation for name and email address, which we provided, but something was left wanting. So we snooped on.

As it turns out, according to our friends at Network Solutions, the site is registered to the office of Sen. John Campbell, complete with the Orange County senator's Capitol phone number. There was also, interestingly enough, an Oakland fax machine number attached (We called. No answer.), and an email address, with a address.

We plugged into our Web browser and found a "personal Web page" of a Josh Vermette, (matching the email address we found at Network Solutions) complete with cute-as-a-button movies of his new baby. (Did we mention the baby is c-u-t-e?!?) We don't know any Josh on the senator's staff, though that doesn't mean none exists. And we've heard of crazier things than commuting from Oakland to Sacramento...

We Googled, but to no avail. But a look around the Web site seems to suggest the man has a touch of The Poet in him. Take for example this entry about skiing naked, or at least watching other people ski mostly naked.

Now that we know who Deep Throat is, we're left to wonder about Josh Vermette. Has it really come to this?
Registered to a Senator's office? Funny, it sure doesn't look at first blush like something one would want associated with their state office. This is likely one of two things: the next curious chapter in the evolution of electeds online. Or an example of someone not realizing just how much of domain registration is way public. The former would make for some lovely blog-fodder (blodder?), but the latter would be SO much more fun.

Either way, congrats on building buzz - at a premium I might add: according to the TR boys, that ad real estate at the top of RT don't come cheap.

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