Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Donkey Makes A Stag's Leap

... into the electoral fray.

[Ed.'s note: This may seem like it's just a plea to CMC alumni. But it's also a plea to all Democratic readers and supporters - as well as fans of great leaders regardless of party. So read on. And act on it.]

CMC boasts many elected officials - but since we strive to populate government with responsible, educated leadership - are we happy with the handful we have? NO! So what's say we elect ourselves some more?

I thought you'd agree.

Which is why I'm glad to say that - by a unanimous vote of the Phoblographer* editorial board - we're coming out way early in the '06 St. Louis County Council's 5th District race for Claremont McKenna's favorite son, Mr. Jake Zimmerman '96.

For those of you too young to remember Jake (which technically includes me, since he graduated the year before I started CMC), he is, in short, a
rockstar. The winner of the Berger Award for Outstanding Senior, Jake's name is still famed throughout Pitzer Hall and the rest of campus for his
political brilliance, sublime sense of humor, and dedication to Democratic politics and the democratic process. I first heard of Jake from the stories told by Chef Dave at the ath where Jake worked during school. And once I found out he was a loyal Pitney-ite, I knew I had to meet him. Now, I can't even remember where I did meet him, but I can tell you that we randomly ended up at Logan Airport at the same time and he sat with me while I waited out a 3 hour fog delay for a flight back to DC. If that isn't friendship, I don't know what is.

But I know you're wondering "that's swell, but what is he running for and what has he done?"

I'm glad you asked.

Jake Zimmerman is running for the St. Louis County Council in a 150,000 resident, politically moderate district in the heart of St. Louis (have you
seen the Arch? That city's got it goin' on). It's obviously a big city and Jake's campaign projects a budget of $250,000. (For more on St. Louis local politics, check out Arch City Chronicle, which featured a short blurb on who's-running-where that included Jake.)

A Harvard Law grad, Jake currently practices law at a St. Louis firm and was formerly the Deputy Chief Legal Counsel for former Missouri Governor Bob Holden. He's also been an Assistant AG laying the smack down on such cads as misleading cell phone companies, fraudulent business school operators, and E-bay scammers. He's also worked with the U.S. Attorney's office in St. Louis and in Dick Gephardt's DC office. And in case he isn't rockstar-y enough for you yet - he also interned for Clinton.

Jake's no stranger to Democratic campaigns either, having worked as a St. Louis County field office director in the Missouri Coordinated Democratic Campaign in 2000, for the DCCC in DC (that's a lot of Ds and Cs, isn't it), and, like all of us, he's lent his support to too many candidates and campaigns to count.

So now you're probably saying "okay, okay, duh, we know he must be fantastic, he's a Stag, a loyal Democrat, great at cocktail parties, but what do you want from us? Wait, wait, don't tell us, you want money, right?"


When Jake called me to discuss his exciting race (and you're all a little jealous that he's running, right? I know I am) he went through the textbook ask. He knows his stuff: the demographics, the voting history and trends, the political climate, the budget, the strategy, everything we learned at Claremont and through our Democratic volunteerism. Jake is ready. But he needs your help. Bust out those checkbooks, kids.

You can mail checks, payable to Citizens for Jake Zimmerman, to:

Molly McCoy
421 Jackson Avenue
University City, MO 63130

Any amount would be appreciated - and you can max out at $600 if you're feeling generous.

This is going to be a tight, tough race. It's a critical swing district and key to swinging the council blue-ways. As you know, Phoblographer* runs no ads and charges no money for all this fine, witty, carefully crafted brilliance - so if you like what you read here - please consider donating to the various causes and candidates championed here.

Building a stronger Democratic Party starts at home - your home, our home, and our fellow blue-Missourians' home. Give a little today - get your country back, if not tomorrow, soon.


Anonymous said...

Republican readers of Phoblographer who aren't CMCers may be wondering "If Jake's a big Democrat, should a Republican like me support him?"
Take it from this Republican, who knew Jake Zimmerman well during his time at CMC, he is the kind of candidate that people from both parties should support. Few people I have met are as broadly capable, and thoroughly amusing, as Jake.

I've only donated to one Democrat (Sean Elsbernd for City Council in SF) in my life, but it looks like it's time for me to donate to a second. And you should too!

CD, what about a fundraiser for Jake in L.A. when you are down there sometime?

Anonymous said...

We'll be coordinating events in SF and attempting to encourage events in Sacto, DC, and I assume there will be at least a few LA/OC events given his fan base there too.