Thursday, June 02, 2005

'Council Member Ridiculed With Bagels'

Sometimes, you just can't write a better title than the one that comes with the link: Council Member Ridiculed With Bagels.

Seems the grandson of the Lender's Bagels founder is a city councilman in Colorado with some political problems. He's the center of some controversy, reportedly involving some prison time for having sold cocaine. Lender continues to contend he was only pushing poppyseed bagels.*

Calling it a hate crime, Lender spoke out against the incident saying "resorting to harming animals is not right." Lender's dog was briefly ill after eating one of the bagels.

Which brings to mind two things:

1.) There's no mention that the bagels were poisoned in anyway. I already didn't like Lender's Bagels. I'm sure as hell not eating them now. And neither is Patches.

2.) I have a good friend who used to have a dog named Bagel. I'm not sure what the point here is, but dammit, there's a[nother] joke in here somewhere.

*Duh, total lie, but c'mon, even the low hanging fruit tastes good, kids.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Bagel (the basset hound) would love to eat an actual Lender's bagel. If it had poppy seeds, it probably would make her sick. Plus, she'd fail a random drug test. But, knowing Bagel and other dogs, I have a feeling that Lender's dog just got sick from eating too many bagels. Unless you're a dog with the good manners and self control of Patches, a bag full of bagels left in front of a dog is an invitation for a binge.

cd said...

Wow, Patches will be pleased to know she has you duped. Any apparent good manners are a mask for her shameless flirting to get what she wants. Vixen that she is. She eats everything, she just gets us to hand it to her first.