Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bush Urges Nation To Remember 9/11, Alamo

Okay, I'll ditch the cheesy newspaper comma device in the post titles - but this one wasn't a stretch and I wrote it in my head on the treadmill this morning while reading the Chron in the hands of the runner next to me.

So Bush uses an old standard to reinforce the idea that the price of freedom is paid by invading other peoples' countries.

I missed the speech.

But reading the headline alone (hush, I'll read the transcript today) - and hearing from past Phoblog contributors that the speech was full of Iraq-9/11 linkage language was enough to make me want to throw myself from the window (first floor, don't worry).

In case I haven't said it in a while, and to quote Brian Fellows - that bird is a LIAR.

Enough already.


Anonymous said...

That goat has devil eyes!

Anonymous said...

If you read the transcript (and somehow set aside your huge anti-Bush feelings), I think you'll decide the speech itself is well-written. Perhaps one of the better works by the Bush speechwriting shop, and they write some of the best speeches in recent memory.

It often makes me a bit sad that Bush has to be the one delivering these great speeches, because he is just a decent public speaker, and these speeches deserve more. If only Clinton (whose speechwriting team could have just been replaced with polling reports randomly ordered by a monkey) could have given some of Bush's speeches. There would be tears in people's eyes at the beauty of that combination.

cd said...

Bush's rhetorical success can never be questioned. He has a wonderful speech writing team.

But that doesn't make his words something to celebrate.

Get past the packaging, please.

Josh said...

I would like to think that the Dems are holding off bringing out the big guns right now, because it is too soon and the big election is not for 3 more years. However, where is the rebuttal statement? Where is the Dem leadership calling out Bush's War (oh wait, the war is over) Policy? Not enough people watch cable TV for the Dems to be banking as much as they are on the Daily Show. Honestly people, if it was the other way around, do you think the GOP would be laying in the weeds as it seems the Dems are now? Where the hell is Hillary? Where the hell is Biden? Where the hell is the "golden boy", Barack? I'm ready to vote for John Stewart next election because I haven't seen a single Dem step up. Come on, already! I hope I am just impatient and something is in the works. Tell me there is a grand plan here.