Monday, June 27, 2005

Blog Review: Westly 2006

Via The Roundup - yet another politico turns blogger - or so goes the claim:

The Bee reports Steve Westly's staff claims that he writes his own blog. "'I think a lot of people think blogs by political officials are formal or canned or heavily edited,' said Westly spokesman Nick Velasquez. 'But this is the real thing; this is Steve Westly, right on the Web site.'" The article further notes that, as of Friday, Westly had posted one entry, and done so by dictating it to staff over the phone. Read it for yourself.
Here's the phoned in post specifically. In it, Westly, um, brags (?) about holding a press conference attended by one (1) journo. Psst, Mr. Westly, that's an occasion for under, not oversharing the details. Also, he withholds the name of the attending paper. Why? Blogs are all about the shoutouts.

The post is entertaining, and though it's admittedly been relayed via phone, it's also fairly clearly been relayed and, I'm guessing, reimagined by Westly staffer/blogger Steven Aronowitz - from skimming a handful of other posts, I'd say the tone and cadence are spot-on. That's not to say they're bad. Aronowitz has a great blog voice, actually, casual, chatty, yet grammatically correct. Can't beat that. Advice: just go with it Steven. If Westly really, truly pens a post, cool, put it up and give him credit. Otherwise, don't pretend like he's either about to post, has posted, or realistically ever will post. I'd imagine a good campaign blog will be a process story: a narrative of the race so far that can hook people who want to know how it's going; a tool for keeping volunteers interested (and a possible carrot too: I'd imagine volunteers would love to see their names blogged).

In General - I'd also give Westly 2006 Blog props for having a seemingly unrestricted comments feature. There appears to be a verification code feature which will probably cut down on "buy V1agr@ here" spam, and at least one post had a comment that I'd classify as a dig against Westly. That they left it up is an indication that they get blogging - always nice. And one post is titled "Having Fun With Your Clothes On" - pretty cheeky for a political campaign. Phoblog always gives ample cheeky-points.

[Ed's note: A nice Roundup guy emailed to say I'd misspelled Westly's name in this post. Repeatedly. I've since corrected the goofs. As someone whose own name is frequently and flagrantly misspelled, I should have been more careful. Sorrey, Mr. Westly.]


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The Westly blog quotes this post at length without attribution. How lame is that?

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Ohmigod. Look at that. Punks.

Thanks for letting me know.