Friday, June 10, 2005

Be A NIMBY - But Don't Mess With The Grunion

Via L.A. Observed, Malibu NIMBY's are employing heavy machinery to build sand fortresses to protect their homes from what? Is it the evils of winter storms that threaten their property and threaten to leach government recovery money from the resulting damage? No! It's to protect their beachfront homes from pail-and-shovel toting beachgoers who dare walk on state beaches.

Homeowners insist they're just replacing sand eroded by city-built-storm-drain run-off.

Just another chapter in the on-going dispute of what bit of the sand is state vs. privately owned.

Except the earth movement wrecks grunion egg beds which will either be smushed so far back that they'll dry out and never be agitated to induce hatching or uncovered to the point that they'll wash out to sea too soon to hatch and survive.

As one who used to work extensively with silvery, 5-inch long fish, I'm a wee bit protective. Not only because - well - why kill them for no reason - but how many species do you know of that provide an excuse to gather your kids up for a night of animal fornication? It's fish sex on a beach, people. And it's science. Don't believe me? Catch a grunion run for yourself.

And NIMBY protectionists suck.

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Josh said...

grunion. Isn't that the small area of flesh between your anus hole (PC?) and scrotum/ying yang (I know ying yang is PC).

When I read about rich people killing the grunion (def. above), I laugh.