Friday, May 27, 2005

Thanks, Mr. Beatty - I'd Never Have Known Otherwise

Via The Roundup, Steve Lopez writes on a possible Governor Warren Beatty - reporting that Demo strategist Bill Carrick (who's gubernatorial pony, Bill Lockyer, put himself down not too long ago) said he doesn't think Beatty will run, but rather was "testing the water in the sense that he wants to lead the way for people to understand it's time to take the governor on."

No word on Phil Angelides's response to Mr. Beatty's apparent oblviousness to current challengers.

Beatty told the Cal kids that he has no plans to run, but that he'd do a much better job as Governor than Schwarzenegger. Oh really? What makes you think that? Schwarzenegger thought he could do a much better job too - until he realized that he had to govern in, um, reality - complete with unscripted (okay, unscripted by Schwarzenegger) Legislators, a difficult gauntlet of a system, etc. Government isn't a movie set. It isn't a business. It's its own institution with its own procedures and its own personality. Don't underestimate it.

And don't overestimate yourself.

[Ed.'s Note: Ah, the dangers of premature blogging. Now that I've read the whole piece (past the quoted text and past the first page of the LAT website), I see that Lopez works the same Angelides angle. Damn, someone should be paying me for my incredible powers of observation, prediction, and snark. Foolish mortals.]

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