Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Stupid Peacock

NBC announced that next fall it will move The West Wing from Wednesdays to Sundays.



Anonymous said...

What a silly idea-it must be their way of giving it the soft kill...maybe we'll find out that Wisteria Lane is really a suburb of DC and Teri Hatcher will run as an independent for the Presidency. I like the other two guys, but they don't stand a chance!!!

Straitshooter said...

I don't appreciate your cavalier attitude about these major life changes—I remember someone being a tad bit upset when a certain show about some girls in New York that shopped to much ended…

cd said...

ladies, ladies . . . .

for me, it just means one fewer thing to look forward to during the week. what will get us past hump day now?

plus then i'll stop watching the other sunday shows I like.

damn NBC. and Scrubs isn't even starting the fall schedule. THAT's crap too.

Anonymous said...

They spared The Office. Nothing else matters. Someone was paying attention. Thank you NBC.

Straitshooter said...

Here is what the experts are saying:
* Jared Paventi sent us this information from Lisa deMoreas' TV Column in May 16th Washington Post (before the schedule had been officially announced): "The West Wing" doesn't own its Wednesday time slot either, as NBC execs look to jump-start their troubled prime time. There's word it will be bumped to another night, possibly Tuesday, in favor of a new Jerry Bruckheimer series -- Bruckheimer is behind CBS's ratings magnet "CSI" and its two spinoffs, so he's the golden boy of TV these days.
* Tuesday, May 17, 2005 What's coming and going on NBC By MELANIE McFARLAND SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER TELEVISION CRITIC said "'The West Wing,' which regained its fortitude this year, moves to Sundays at 8."
* World Screen describes the old time slot this way: "Wednesdays begin with The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Taking The West Wing¹s 9 p.m. slot is E-Ring, which is set inside the Pentagon and stars Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Hopper. The series, from Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Warner Bros. Television, is executive produced by Bruckheimer and Ray¹s Taylor Hackford. Law & Order closes out the night in its usual 10 p.m. slot."

Anonymous said...

I'm so angry I could just scream. Somebody get my senator on the horn. There's hell to pay. How dare they pit my favorite show against my other favorite show?

Meanwhile, The Office? The Office? are you kidding me? Stuff like that is funny for about 4 minutes (about the length of an SNL skit), but anything longer than that is torture. If you really need that type of "comedy," rent Office Space. They're the same jokes, it's a full length feature, and you can watch it over and over again rather than wasting precious airtime on the show. Spare the rest of us.

Josh said...

Do you guys actually watch TV shows when they are supposed to be watched? And I'm not talking reruns, here. It is god's newest gift to all of us and it is called DVR!!!! For example, last night I watched 24 while I was taping (cough, cough) the Bachelor, for my fiance' of course. After 24 was over, we, I mean she, was able to watch the entire 2 hour final episode of the Bachelor, and she was able to fast forward through the commercials. And to top it all off, I've taped about 6 episodes of BBQ with Bobby Flay, which I plan to watch on a rainy day in preparation for the next concert in the park BBQ. I do have a question though, do the Nielson ratings pick up the fact that a show is recorded, and therefore liked and wanted to stay on the air? Anyone?

cd said...

first off, can i just say, as the author here, it always amazes me which posts generate the most commentary. link to an article on the female orgasm - nuthin'. Change in the TV schedule - call the papers!

anywho -

yeah, josh, we can all tape it, but it's the principle. there's west wing dinner night at my house - there's the forced time out from studying, etc. and, as you mention, the ratings gods do NOT know what gets taped and watched later. well, they might, sorta. but still.

personally - i think desperate housewives is uber-boring and slow, yet i continue to watch it because i'm waiting to like it like everyone else. if it's that or the wing - the wing wins. but that's probably the minority view.

i like grey's anatomy better - but it's still not as good as it could be. sunday is a very hit-or-miss night in terms of making hits.

we'll see what happens.

if nothing else, at least they ended strong this season. if that were to be The End. i'd be okay with it.

Anonymous said...

CD! I thought we ended this debate. Grey's Anatomy is just a sad re-hash of ER (think about it guys: Jing Mae, the Asian-American doctor gets pregnant by the African-American doctor co-worker; Nurse Carol Hathaway's pregnancy was detected by a psychic patient, and John Carter had the rich, ailing grandmother who ended up going a bit senile and he was the heir to her vast estate, etc. AND ALL OF THOSE SIMILARITIES ARE JUST FROM THIS WEEK'S EPISODE - a little effort, guys, I mean please). I realize that ER has gone downhill, but there's no reason for Grey. The only thing that this show has that ER didn't is a roommate with a baking problem (which, I'd argue is just stolen from "Friend's). It's depressing. I've met 4-year olds that are more creative than this. Have some dignity.

At least Desperate is different. I, for one, am not watching it waiting for it to get me. I'm got. They had me at hello. Bitchy women, drugs, murder, stolen babies, extramarital affairs, OH MY!

Rather than moving the West Wing to Sunday, NBC needs to take a cue from ABC's playbook and just start ripping off the other guys' show ideas. Why isn't there a catty, murder mystery, soap-like shoe on the NBC fall line up.

Seriously, guys, I have a job as a real estate developer, but if you need me to take a sabatical to come down and run a network, lemme know.

cd said...

ER is shit and has been for several years now. Even before they had a woman set herself on fire in front of her son, it was shit. After that, it was unconscionable shit.

Housewives is trite, slow, boring, not terribly imaginative, and too arrogant for its own good.

Grey's may rip, but at least it has a good sound track and features Patrick Dempsey. Any kid who goes from geek-on-mower to dreamboat doc - well - it's just a more pleasant 80s - 00s progression to contemplate than Housewives's career-woman to "wasted suburbab life" mania.