Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Student Advocacy Pitfalls

Via The Roundup -

Seems CSU students should ask their lit profs for a definition of "consistency:"

From our Mixed Messages file, CSU Bakersfield students will consider tripling activities fees this week from $51 to $168 to pay for the school's transition to Division 1 sports. Somehow, raising fees $117 for sports is different from raising fees by $186 for education, a move CSU students opposed when voted on by the Trustees.
Don't get me wrong - I actually think that athletics (just like music and art) are a vital part of education and the college experience especially. But it does seem like if they're willing to cough it up for one aspect of their education, their unwillingness to do so for the benefit of all students - including the vast majority who won't make the D1 rosters - rings a little, um, stupid I think is the word I'm going for.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll bite. Since when is consistency necessary in politics?

Perhaps they're just taking a page out of W's political playbook. Wasn't it he who said that Newsweek caused riots in Afghanistan that led to 17 deaths, and then about 24 hours later said that pictures of Saddam Hussein in his undies wouldn't inflame the Arab world? Not exactly consistent.

But you're probably right. We should expect more from college students than we do this administration.