Tuesday, May 03, 2005

R.I.P. CommentThis

Our worst fears have come true:

It looks like the Comment This! service is no more.
It's been a good run, but the hard drive that the Comment This! data resided on died, and is not recoverable. I only received about $160 in donations, and that doesn't even cover my bandwidth for two months, much less replacement hardware. Blogger's comments system works well enough, maybe you should try it.
The CommentThis! admin.
Fortunately, my exams will keep me from mourning the loss of your thoughtful comments (and especially your brilliant caption contest entries) for now.

Their loss isn't analogous to the burning of the library at Alexandria, but losing any meme is sad, indeed.

My sincerest apologies - and know that I'm just as sad as my regular commenters.

I'll get a new system up as soon as possible. . . .


Phillip said...

Wow, all it takes is for one HD to die, and that's it? that sucks. also, there should be more comments here, no?

cd said...

To say I'm sad is an understatement. Exams are distracting me, which is good. Most heartbreaking are the lost caption contests. The photos are still there, but the captions are gone. And some were quite brilliant.

Not sure what you mean by should there be more comments here. Generally, yeah. But we're working on the code . . . .