Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Not Posting SOMETHING On This Topic Would Betray Inner Nerd

Okay, fine - it's an outer nerd too. Sheesh, tough crowd.

If not for tomorrow's exam (the last exam, praise god, allah, buddah, and whomever else you choose), I would probably geek out and try to catch a midnight showing of Revenge of the Sith (please, you don't need a link to know what that is).

I borrowed the second installment and started watching it the other night. I gave up with an hour to go - though I'll finish it before I catch Sith. Yawn - BORING. Dude, Lucas, man, what's up with that? The film confirmed by instict on Lucas - and to a certain extent - Spielberg, but that's another post: young, hotshots made better films when they were poor, unproven, and had to be more creative in both presentation and storytelling. Once Star Wars provided Lucas with boatloads of cash - he was free to over produce the holy hell out of our beloved stories. He's too light-saber happy for his - and our - own good.

Watching Episode II, I couldn't help be scratch my head and wonder if the dialogue in the first 3 films was as stilted. Lucas should be fined for forcing Natalie Portman to turn in such a crappy performance. I. wonder. if. the. script. had. periods. between. each. word. so. she. knew. to. slow. it. down.

The Chronicle review of Sith implies that it's more of the same - though does have slightly more weight in the story department. It's a great piece and deserves a read even if you'll be protesting Sith like my roommate. I can keep each trilogy separate - the beauty of the first 3 aren't tainted by the latter 3s' failure. To think of what might have been, though . . . .

If nothing else, this definitely calls for a long day spent watching Episodes IV - VI (and I'll be damned if I'll ever refer to the first one - yeah, I said first - as "A New Hope." Dorks.)

Lastly, in honor of the big premiere - a link to Triumph's visits the ''Star Wars'' Nerds from a few years back. I swear to you it is the funniest thing you will see all week, if not all month (well, not you Capitol readers who are gearing up for budget fights and working on press conferences - but this will be a close second).


Anonymous said...

The reviewer in the NY Times said he liked this one more than the first three! Also, there's a strong rumor that Lucas hired Tom Stoppard to help with the script, but as the review in Slate said, there's only so much a great writer like that could do with lines like: "Hold me like you held me by the lake on Naboo."

I hope this one is fully nerd-alicious.

Anonymous said...

First three, last three, blah, blah, blah. Which is which?

I hadn't seen a second of the new prequels until the other night when CD was watching II (5? I can't keep it straight). I agree with her assessment: it blew. I'm glad I hadn't wasted my time watching the new (old?) movies before and I'll be glad not be be watching episode III (6? At this point I don't even care anymore) tomorrow night.

I love Star Wars, but I'd rather watch another hour of Britney & Kevin's "Chaotic" than watch any of the knock off Star Wars movies as they bastardize the originals. And I don't have to explain how awful "Chaotic" was.

(Also, for the record, I unabashedly love Britney - her music, her outfits, everything BUT her show was the WORST THING EVER. PAINFUL.)

Anonymous said...

I can't say that this will ultimately mesh with everyone's tastes, but I personally loved Attack of the Clones (Episode II).

CD, until you see the last 40 minutes, you haven't really seen the movie. Just get past the bad acting to get to that point, and Lucas makes it worth it.

On the other hand, these scenes will not seem nearly as good on a TV as they were in giant size on a crystal-clear digital projector. That's the way the new Star Wars movies were meant to be seen, and even DVDs on a plasma with surround sound can't really come close to matching that.

Josh said...

I'll be going tomorrow evening. I love Star Wars, but I am not a geek like my brother in law. He has a whole room devoted to Star Wars in my sister's house (she gets the rest of the house and he get a room). When my sister asked him if he would be going tonight at midnight to see it with his buddies, he said no, he would wait to see it with her tomorrow afternoon. When my sister asked why, he changed the subject. When thoughoughly proded, he told my sister that he didn't want his buddies to see him cry when the end credit ran and hence ended a serious portion of his life. Yea, he is in the same line that Triumph was at in the clip from a few years back.

Nerd, he is.

Which reminds me, the next time you are playing a drinking game and you have to "make a rule", don't go with the easy "thumbmaster" or "no swearing" sh*t. The best rule ever is, "everyone must talk in Yoda syntax". Drunk, be you.

Anonymous said...

That's it, I'm never posting on politics or policy again. Just TV and movies . . . .

Anonymous said...

Posting on the politics and policy surrounding TV and movies is a way to combine your loves. Damn FCC and conservatives trying to destroy my precious, glowing box.

@! said...

"Drunk, be you."


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to contribute to the flood of pop culture based commentary, but such is life...I saw Star Wars, liked it, blah blah blah...the more important issue was one Bethany Fischer referring to the Federlines' show as PAINFUL. All right, it WAS pretty awful, but also pretty funny too...she is SO good and putting her face up clsoe to the camera and making a pig face, it is NOT even funny. I loved every minute of it.
And in keeping with the "pop culture" theme, are we going to get a Desperate Housewives post? Please don't make me go on a message board page...PLEASE!!!