Saturday, May 07, 2005

Kids, Start Your Campfires

During the dog days of spring (2 exams down and f-o-u-r to go), a girl's mind naturally turns to fonder thoughts - like summer camp. Especially when The Youngblood's "Let's Get Together" is on the radio . . . .

If anyone is looking for a cause or a worthy recepient of those end-of-the-fiscal-year-mandated-charitable-donations, might we suggest the San Pedro & Peninsula YMCA Camp Programs? (p.s. hey Stags and Athenas, since I'm on the Giving Committee, I feel compelled to remind you not to forget to kick a little back to your alma mater, too. John Faranda thanks you.)

Along with my parents, Y-camp is largely responsible for who I am today. If I could make it a career, I'd be a professional camp counselor and leave this law crap behind in a heartbeat. If you do it right, you can do more to help a kid in 8 days in the mountains than you can during the other 357 days in the year.

Camp is damn expensive these days (anywhere between $250 and $400 or so depending on the program). But it's the best investment in the future you can make.

My suggestions: If you see a kid selling Butter Toffee Peanuts emblazoned with a "Y," buy some. Or give the kid a $20 and let him keep the nuts.

Or save the legumes and send a donation to SPPY (they don't appear to have an online-donation form, unfortunately). Send checks payable to The YMCA Campership Fund to:

San Pedro & Peninsula YMCA
301 S. Bandini Street
San Pedro, CA 90731
Attn: Campership Fund
Or call (one of Phoblog's favorite people) Mark Linscomb for more information - (310) 832-4211.

Feel free to find the Y in your area, as well. I'm SPPY-biased, obviously, and I can attest to the need in the area, but other Ys would appreciate your help too.


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