Sunday, May 29, 2005

Cue 'Fame' Theme

Thought-provoking piece from the Chron on a local scientists successful efforts in extending the lives of worms. The wigglers lived up to 6 times longer, and were proportionately younger, thanks to the researchers tweaking of a key gene.

If she [ding! female scientist - wohoo!] can replicate the results up the food chain, that could mean a human life span of up to 400 years.

Would that mean junior high would last that much longer?

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Anonymous said...

If it could be done in humans, the first group of humans that could be genetically engineered that way would probably be able to live until the end of time (though accidents and other violent deaths would no doubt claim most of them before then). Why? Because the exponential increase in knowledge about biology is such that if it is possible to extend our lives forever, we will probably figure out how to do it in 400 years (maybe even 100). Thank you, worms (though some less dramatic 100%+ life expectancy increases have already been seen in rats).