Saturday, May 07, 2005

Blawg Solidarity

Not to blog off-topic, but as I waste away on a Saturday night outlining Criminal Procedure (while thinking about Stiffs & Gifts and wishing I were studying for Securities Regulation because it'll be the baddestassest test of all), I can't help but pause to check in with my friends and fellow bloggers (they're more blawgers than I)at Neo Tokyo Times (outta NYU Law), Class Maledictorian (outta Haaavard), and Hastings's own Dangerous Proximity to Success (formerly "Penguin Defenestration," which I still say is a fantastic name, but DPTS is good too).

On nights like these, when it's just me and my notes, it's nice to have them with me.

And bonus to Fick for some fun Civ Pro pick up lines. Arises under, indeed.


neotokyotimes said...

Why hasn't this post sent me any traffic? Finals Month is my game month. All my best blogging gets done thereabouts. Haters.

Anonymous said...

what hasn't what post? my post? your own posts? i don't know man. but good luck with that.