Monday, May 09, 2005

Blawg Entry: Finals Recovery In 3 Easy Steps

1.) Consume one Cosmo at Lalita's

2.) Bake chocolate lava cake.

2a.) Eat [piece of] chocolate lava cake.

3.) Watch episode of Law & Order: SVU

3a.) Count hour of L&O as Crim Pro study when that driven, passionate D.A. Alex jeopardizes her job - and the sanctity of the Fourth Amendment - to get vital evidence; succesfully fending off an inadmissibility challenge based on the defendant's lack of standing since the search, though illegal, was conducted in a 3d party's home.

Just think how much more fulfilling L&O will be after I take Evidence next semester.



Anonymous said...

I must warn you, with Crim Pro done last semester and finishing a year of Evidence this semester, L&O is so much less satisfying and fulfilling.

redneck muppet said...

law dork... ;)

Anonymous said...

The night before my first day of the Cali bar exam, the only thing worth watching on my hotel TV was - no joke - a Law & Order marathon. I watched five episodes with my wife. They're all freaking murders, and of course the 07/04 exam had a sweet homicide question on the first day. Studying takes odd forms sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you haven't taken evidence already!

Anonymous said...

well, i can't believe i'm not going to be finished with law school in about a week.

who cares when i take evidence? does it matter one bit? no, of course not, because barbri wil have to re-teach me everything so that i'll pass the exam anyway. which is why law school is one big honkin' waste of time and resources.

but what do i know - i'm just an embittered 3L.

and DT - i'm not a law dork, i'm a gov nerd. duh.

And yes L&O can be more annoying because you start catching the liberties they take with the law. But if i can fake like i'm studying when i watch it, i'll take it.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with studying taking strange forms. Last year studying for Property and Torts finals, I found that my daily lunch break coincided with The People's Court. The day of the Torts final there were two intentional torts cases. The day of the Property final there was a constructive eviction case.

(Also, maybe I'm being a bit whiny, but I'm not a big fan of the new comment system. It doesn't remember who I am like the old system or like Haloscan does. Maybe this is only an issue because I don't have a Blogger account. Just my two cents)

redneck muppet said...

i think that you are more than talented enough to be both a law dork and a government nerd.

Anonymous said...

The willfully amnesiac comments system is a bit of a downer - if it makes you feel better, it doesn't even remember me and it's my damn site.

Maybe we'll switch to haloscan . . . it's something to figure out soon, I know.

Thanks for the feedback though . . .