Monday, May 30, 2005

Ah, So That's The One He Dated

CMC's own "Charlie" is profiled in the NYT. He may be part sherpa, but he's still all Stag to us.

Note also, that while Blake's comment about his omnipresent black bag containing just his hair products is tagged as a joke, he is a very hair-conscious fellow. In fact, he tipped me off to my first stylist in Claremont, basing his recommendation on the aroma-therapy scalp massage before each shampoo and style.

The article does mention CMC by name and though it's been awhile since he was there, I have little doubt that CMC will welcome him back with open arms whenever he wants to come home.

And I'm guessing he'd be invited to speak at the Ath, too. Lucky dog.


Anonymous said...

That's a great article. I think it's the nicest the NYT has been to a Republican in three years.

Josh said...

Ranking Blake's accomplishments -

5. Having enough copies of the ASCMC Budget for Executive Board Members.

4. Sneaking in Shania Twain's "I feel like a Women" into W's IPOD.

3. Keeping his perfect Trump like hair under the Presidential Chopper.

2. Talking Rodney into getting the In'N'Out truck to park outside The Hub. (Actually, I have a feeling that one wasn't too hard of a sell)

1. Kissing a sober first daughter. (Assuming they kissed while dating and that she was not an alchy at 14......nevermind)

I kid, I kid. When I talked to Blake awhile ago, he said the reason he stays under the radar is because the headline, "Presidential Aid - College Dropout", doesn't sound too good.

Go Stags!!!!!!

cd said...

He's not a dropout - he's just still a college student.

Anonymous said...

I'll always remember Blake for improvising in the Ath play (Neil Simon's Fools). Playing an elderly gentleman, he shouted "Viagra" to a stunned audience. I suggest he recreate that magic moment whenever he gets his invite for his fireside chat.