Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Villaraigosa's Los Angeles Times

Phoblog's dad thinks the LAT is just a glossy-paper edition and union bug away from becoming a full-time Villaraigosa advertisement. This editorial, (via L.A. Observed), does seem to support that theory. I didn't see the event, nor do I regularly check out the print edition, so my impression of the paper's coverage will be different from print readers. But the Times has certainly waived the ABH - Anybody But Hahn - flag wildly over the past few months, and now that they have a definite alternative, they aren't pulling any punches.

Phoblog's still with Jimmy, though.

In other L.A. news: The Dodgers kicked a little more Giants tail in their season home opener at the fancied up Dodger Stadium yesterday. Reader SK had been bragging earlier in the day about enjoying watching the Giants beat the Dodgers - but I guess he IM-ed too soon. Not everyone loves the stadium changes, however - most problematic, new luxury seats that have screwed over long-time season ticket owners. Dodger stadium really shouldn't be mucked with, ever - especially at the expense of longtime, dedicated fans.

But, if the alternative is tear it down and move it, idiot-style, next to Staples Center, then, by all means, tinker away in Chavez Ravine.

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