Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Only Good Thing Ever To Come From Ted Costa

Via The Roundup,Ted Costa, millionaire ballot measure pusher, says he's starting to doubt his redistricting reform initiative will qualify in time for a fall special election.

Apparently, there's been an abnormal amount of invalid signatures on the petitions gathered so far - a lot of dublicates that he attributes to confusion over the plethora of proposals out there.

As the Roundup guys snarked - we're also sure it has nothing to do with the rabid, $2 a person signature gatherers out there.

We love redistricting reform - but we hate Ted Costa. And this proposal still misses the point when it contains language that would force a mid-decade redistricting (one based on six year old, very inaccurate census data).

Help this initiative go down: if you see signature gatherers hunting for this proposal, don't sign. And tell your friends not to sign either. It's flawed. It can be revised and still make the ballot. It's a really, really bad way to allow policy-by-threat.

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