Thursday, April 21, 2005

Nerds After My Own Heart

Due to the last 24 hours+ having been dedicated to a take home final and the aftermath thereof, here's a lighter post, from my metblog's sister site, on the continuing saga of the Star Wars Line Nerds. For those of you who have missed it, here's the quick & dirty: Star Wars nerds wanted to line up to await the Episode III premiere; they lined up at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood; Episode III isn't premiering at the Chinese; Episode III premieres at the Arclight around the corner; nerds are not lined up at the Arclight; nerds do realize what they're doing; Nerds become phenom story due to coverage; and in 3d act shocker; nerds buy up tickets to Arclight premiere while maintaining Chinese tent villiage.

This post, by metblog godfather and creator Sean Bonner has a very witty list of nerd info from his latest late-night visit with the nerds.

Number 5 wins Phoblog's top honor for Funniest List Item Relating To Star Wars Nerds.

As soon as I can dig up the photo of my in my 3d grade Princess Leia costume, I'll post it to back up my own Star Wars nerd cred. I even, cringe, spent the night before the Episode I premiere sleeping in a lawn chair on a sidewalk in Pasadena. Know what? Unfun. I slept through the end of the movie. Oh well . . .

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