Saturday, April 16, 2005

Live From The CDP

First off, I'd like to apologize for doubting that my fine city's convention center would lack WiFi. Oh yes, kids, this year's convention is a hot spot in so many ways.

I rememberd this morning, as I raced up the 110 why I usually stay at a hotel near the convention. Commuting to work is bad enough - commuting to a political event on a lovely Saturday morning - well - that's just sad. But, you know I can't miss this - these are my peeps.

I'm currently sitting with my fellow Region 17 delegates in the main hall watching Nancy Pelosi rally the faithful. With a nod to Clinton-era State of the Union addresses, she's calling out numerous front-row honored guests - the locked-out grocery worker, the struggling student, the veteran, the teacher, the nurse: in other words, the Arnold Schwarzenegger's 10 most wanted list.

Last night was all about catching up with old friends and reviewing hospitality suites. Top draws: Joe Dunn's Irish party with free green beer and Janice Hahn's Martini and Chocolate party (photo on its way). There were others, but since I was wearing my I'm-taller-than-you-evil-LaRouchie-infultrator heels, I was toast by 10:30. Had to hit the YD party, of course, which was fun.

Not much scoop here. The top of the ticket merry-go-round continues: as of today, Joe Dunn is running for treasurer, John Garamendi for Lt. Governor, and, of course, all the remaining state wide office holders are running for Governor. Angelides gave a reasonably rousing speech to the YDs last night. And he helped sponsor the event, so, you know, go Angelides.

A point of personal pride - the Democrats of the Claremont Colleges won the first "Biggest Pain in Bush's Ass Award" for . . . I don't know, campaigning and stuff. Doesn't matter - GO STAGS! (uh, and sagehens, I guess. But their football team still sucks).

Next up today - a quick parliamentary stint at the California College Democrats elections, some youth voter training, and the moment I know I've been waiting for all these months - the California Young Democrat elections featuring the first contested presidential race in I don't know how long.

Which gives me about seven hours to figure out which candidate gets my votes.

Time to listen to Boxer now . . . .

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