Thursday, April 28, 2005

Is It Because His Name Is Close To 'Lockbox?'

Well, well, well, Bill Lockyer drops his bid for governor and looks to coveted State Treasurer gig instead.

According to the Chronicle article, Lockyer "decided not to spend the next 10 years of [his] life in partisan hand-to-hand combat," but has, apparently, decided that another 8 years in cushy elective office - hell, any office - will be, like, okay with him.

Anyone besides me getting a little tired of the office-bid-swapping going on in the party right now? Garamendi's running for what? Joe Dunn's green beer is to get us to vote for him for which office? Jerry Brown, really?

I'm amazed he's going to run for anything: remember, in one of my favorite convention anecdotes EVER, 2 conventions ago the Women's Caucus straight turned their backs to him when he came in to address the assembly. That just doesn't say "electable" to me.

Also: The Chron reports that Jerry Brown blogs. Yeah, and? We knew that. Catch up, kids.

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