Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Fun With Administrative Agencies

The Coastal Commission is fighting to save itself in front of the California Supreme Court this week. The challenge rests primarily in the idea that the legislative appointments to the nine-member Commission render it unconstitutional.

I grew up on the coast, I love the coast, a clean, accessible coast, with healthy sea lions and sea cucumbers and whales, etc. But the Coastal Commission also deserves a healthy smackdown. They derailed the lighting of the Vincent Thomas Bridge based on objections predicated on the notion that decorative bridge lights might jeopardize a species of subtropical migratory songbird. Decorative lights IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PORT OF LOS ANGELES. Anyone been there? How much light do you think it takes to unload a container ship after dark? Uh-huh, you get picture.

Were this a blawg and not a blog, I'd launch into a discussion of the administrative state and the validity of the current appointment structure. But it's not a blawg. You can thank me later.

There are interesting issues, however, that fit in nicely with our meta-representative-government-themes. So post-ruling, we might return to this . . . .

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