Friday, April 22, 2005

Flicking Congress

Actually, that's Flickr-ing Congress . . . .

Via Metroblogging DC, a post on Senator Evan Bayh's Flickr account. Well, a lot of electeds blog, so why not Flickr, too?

Metblogger Tom doubts Bayh uploads his own photos - and so would I. It's interesting to watch as politicos take note of technological advances in astroturfing themselves . . . . It'll also be interesting to see how long before the FEC (or FPPC, as the case may be) decides that they need to act to regulate such things (hell, municipalities are trying already). And good luck with that . . . . For a fun at-home activity, try coming up with language to regulate politicians' use of the net for "electioneering" and see how many words you get into it before it becomes ragingly unconstitutional.

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