Friday, April 15, 2005


Unsurprisingly, Hertzberg and Villaraigosa have buried their hatchet long enough to pick up a mutual ax to grind against Hahn. Who knows, really, if the former roommates get a long. The wrestling match between the two when Hertzberg moved into Room 219 was rather legendary. But a common enemy frequently unites unlikely people . . . .

In other Demo maneuvering news - Steve Westley will join Angelides and Lockyer this weekend in their attempts to woo Democrats' support for a 2006 gubernatorial bid. Um, psst, Mr. Westley, remember that time you were all like, yeah Arnold, yeah (bogus, band-aid) Props 57 and 58? I do. And so will a lot of delegates, journos, and writers. Don't feel bad, though, I also remember Bill Lockyer making some rather impolitic comments about the recall. We're certainly not sure which Democrat will rise to the top by the Primary - but we hope it's not one who'll get creamed.

As far as this weekend goes - just remember boys, we're judging you as much on the quality of your receptions as the content of your character. Oh, which doesn't at all mean we won't eat your food and vote for the other guy anyway.

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