Monday, April 25, 2005

East Coast Bias From A South-Of-Sixth-Street Perspective

Via L.A. Observed, A Sunday LAT piece on how the paper'seast-coast-wannabe-ing damages its duty to its West Coast readers.

I hate giving credit to a Sagehen, but Pomona College alumn author Jamie Court correctly takes the paper to task for trying to make itself the Gray Lady of the Pacific. The paper certainly has changed since it became (an oft-neglected, increasingly money-losing) Tribune paper. Court highlights the LAT editorial staff's eastern roots, focus, and worship.

Trying to be as good as something else usually only guarantees you'll only ever be compared to it. To do right by its readers, the Times should represent this Coast's ethos. I never the extent of East Coast media bias until I lived out there for a piece. Forget liberal media bias. If you want to know what prejudices people, just look at a map.

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