Friday, April 01, 2005

Bloggers Semper Liberi

You might want to sit down again.

I really did think I'd make it this time - but as many people have suspected, law school and I have never really been a great fit.

So when opportunity knocked last night, I ran to answer the door.

As you know, I blog over at Metroblogging San Francisco. It's part of a worldwide family of blogs - around 30 up till now. But we're going global, uh, globaler!

I'll let the Metblogfather Jason explain:

Sean has finally posted the news we've been trying REALLY HARD to keep under our belts for a while now. Yahoo! has acquired a 45% stake in Metroblogging! Read the full details here. As our first order of business we're consolidating some of our competitors and we just finalized a deal to purchase local San Francisco blog SFist. We have also acquired a small office in Soma on 4th street and will be moving in early next week. We are only purchasing SFist out of the entire -ist network at this time because we feel they offer the most value to the Metroblogging network. We're REALLY excited that Yahoo! has the vision to invest into the world of blogging and we're glad we are glad to be joining Flickr as one of their latest investments. Stay tuned for more announcements as get moved into our new digs. Stay tuned for the official press release on Monday.

Sean and Jason, knowing my penchant for all things political, have asked me to head up the government relations branch of the Yahoo blogging empire-in-the-making. For a moment we joked about a nice in-house counsel position, but since I wouldn't be counsel until sometime during Summer '06, and Yahoo was so, shall we say, generous, we figured, hell, we'll hire a stable of lawyers and I can play the reindeer games I'm really good at.

With the latest questions and controversies over what legal protections are afforded bloggers, now's the right time to fight on the front lines for blogger rights. Yahoo News combined with the reach of Metblogs should position us to guide new media policy for years to come.

So long law school, hello legitimate work.

Blog on, friends.

Update: In the words of Mike Meyer's eternally wise Wayne - Fished IN! Gotcha, kids. C'mon now . . . . I never thought this would actually get anyone. I realized I scored a big win when my older, concerned sister called to ask if our dad had stroke when he read the news. I then suggested she read the top of her browser. And the side bar. The top of your browser read, for the day, "Fauxblographer*" and my links exaulted "Giuliani in '08!" and provided handy links to all thing GOP, The Weekly Standard, and Rush Limbaugh's website.

Also - my bio read:

Published by Christiana Dominguez, Phoblographer* seeks to capture and analyze the news, policy, and trends shaping California, the nation, and the world. A graduate of Claremont McKenna College, Miss Dominguez previously served on the board of the California Young Democrats and worked for many Democratic officials, causes, and candidates before she saw the light, embraced the emerging moral majority and decided to climb aboard the red state express.
The disclaimer changed to:

Phoblographer* endeavors to link only to what is reasonably trustworthy. Except for all the crap that's linked above. Duh. April Fools, suckas.
And perhaps by favorite bit - aside from the sneaky "Fauxblog" clue, this bit of photoshop art from my friend Brad:

Happy April Fools' Day!

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