Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Talk Radio Is Bad For Public Policy

Exhibit A: now-heavily blogged John and Ken clip.

Some hear what the show's host called "a Hahn meltdown," I heard a pompous jerk criticize the mayor primarily by running over each response he gave. And to those who say he should've kept his cool, why? Conventional wisdom says Hahn's biggest problem is his lack of personality - no fire, no fun. Well this is fun. Get scrappy, Mayor. Go get 'em, Tiger.

The show host went after Hahn for traffic especially. Buy you know what never comes up? The population increases in LA County. The place just keeps growing. More popularity, more traffic. Terrible, isn't it? I wish they'd go home too - it's a shame when your city is just so great that everyone wants to be here - yeah, nothing proves failure like mass migration TO a place.

Well, I suppose this is fighting old battles. Or maybe not, since it seems that, as Hahn said on the show, he's still standing today ready to fight again.

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